Ultimate Author Website Template Kit

Ultimate Author is a template kit, specially designed to make creating a stunning author website achievable and affordable.

Requiring only a self-hosted Wordpress installation, a free plugin called Elementor, and a handful of other free plugins, these templates are completely customizable to match your author brand.

For the adventuresome and those on a micro-budget: use these templates to simplify DIY-ing your website.

For those who want a Done-For-You experience on a budget: hire us to install and customize Ultimate Author for you. (Save hundreds to thousands of dollars, compared to a custom, from-scratch website design.)



What is Included in Ultimate Author?

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Considering DIY? We have free video tutorials!

Learn how to use Ultimate Author by purchasing the templates and following along. Trying to gauge whether you should DIY or hire us to help? Watch the videos and see if you’d be comfortable following along.

See what we've built with Ultimate Author...


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